Become an IP

An Information Provider (IP) is someone who generates calls to premium rate numbers, usually through advertising. The simplest and easiest way to invest in the Premium Rate market is to become an Information Provider. It is a business opportunity that can be made to work without investing in an office, equipment, computers or employees. We create, design and manage the services, ready for you to promote.

Datapro Services is a Service Provider (SP). This means we provide terminating services for premium rate numbers and premium SMS. We can also supply the numbers, available in a wide variety of domestic and international tariffs. Your choice of numbers will depend on the tariff (the rate per minute) and where you intend to advertise them. Phone-paid Services Authority (the governing body for premium rate) have strict regulations separating number ranges for different content.

You can choose which service to allocate to each of your numbers. You may use one of our existing off-the-shelf services or we can tailor a service to your own requirements.

We can help you to choose the right number ranges, services and tariffs for your advertising.
We handle all the technical side of administering the numbers and running the services, offering a simple and affordable entry route into the Premium Rate market. All you have to do is advertise, and we can even help you with that!

Interested? Simply call us on 01375 398111 or email us at for more information.