Important: Ofcom Regulatory Changes to Service Numbers

Ofcom, the communications regulator, are changing the way some numbers are advertised and billed. As-of 1st July 2015 you will be required to display pricing as follows:

  • Calls cost xxx per minute plus ‘Access Charge’

For more information call us on 01375 424600 or click the button below.

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As the customer is responsible for the payment of the bill, it is understandable that there should be certain safeguards to protect them. From 1986 to the present, the premium rate industry has been self regulated through the Independent Committee for the Supervision of Standards of Telephone Information Services (ICSTIS), a non-statutory body, financed by the telephone companies. ICSTIS rebranded itself as PhonepayPlus in 2007 and as Phone-Paid Services Authority in 2016.

The Phone-paid Services Authority set and maintain the standards for the content and promotion of PRS, whilst investigating any complaints that may arise. As a guideline The PSA publishes information relating to their work and recommend measures to achieve compliance with the Code.

For more information see the Phone-paid Services Authority website:

What does this mean for promoters?

There are increasing regulations imposed on promoter’s in an effort to increase transparency and improve consumer complaint handling. Navigating new regulations and requirements can be daunting, but we’re here to help. Our handy guides itemise the important points and make validating your artwork a breeze. Be sure to sign-up to our newsletter at the bottom of the page to keep abreast of new regulations.


Getting Started

What do I need to become an Independent Promoter?

  • You must be Phone-paid Services Authority Registered
  • You must have signed and returned appropriate contracts with us

That’s it. Once we have these we can issue you numbers and you can start promoting numbers.

Promoting numbers has several obligations in itself which are listed below.

Terms and Conditions Visibility

How and where should I display terms and conditions?

  • Terms and conditions should be clearly legible
  • Use simple fonts and high contrast
  • Display pricing near call to action
  • If promoting online, repeat the pricing throughout the page so-as always visible on-screen
  • If promoting in print you can display T&Cs at the bottom of the advert

Terms and Conditions Contents

The following are mandatory inclusions for your advertising:

  • Calls cost xxx per minute plus ‘Access Charge’. (Replace xxx with pence or pounds, for instance 36p or £1.00)
  • You must be over 18 and have the bill payer’s permission.
  • Calls are recorded. (Required for live services)
  • Service provided by Datapro Services Ltd.
  • Customer Careline: 0203 455 2145.

Additional Terms and Conditions

You may require additional terms and conditions as required. Here are some ideas:

  • All models are 18+ / 2257 Information (Important for online advertising)
  • We may send free promotional SMS messages. To opt out sent STOP to 89077. (Required if you send broadcasts)
  • If promoting online it is worth adding an email address.

Advertising Rules

The following criteria applies to all advertising:

  • There should be no implication of meeting people in person
  • Marketing broadcasts are limited to calls within the past 6 months

Artwork Validation

As as an Independent Promoter you are bound by Phone-paid Services Authority Code of Practice and can be fined by them for non-compliance. The last thing we want is for anyone to be penalised; we therefore kindly request you send all artwork to us for validation before promoting — by following the simply guidelines above this should be a mere formality.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss this further, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.