Value Chain

A customer who makes a call to a premium rate number is charged at at the appropriate tariff by their telephone provider for the duration of the call. For instance, a 10 minute call to a 61 pence per minute number (including VAT) would equal £6.10.

When a call is placed it is routed through one or more telephone companies creating a chain between the call originator (the customer) and the call terminator (the service provider). Each of the telephone companies whose networks were used to route the call keep a small proportion of the amount charged to the caller.

The bulk of the revenue continues through the chain to the service provider. We often source numbers ourselves and broker deals directly with networks lowering call handling charges and increasing terminating revenues.

Once the bulk of the revenue has been paid to us, we divide it between ourselves (for providing the service) and pay the rest to yourself (for promoting the service). We have negotiated competitive rates so that we can pay out the maximum IP revenue possible.

We also offer tiered payments so, if you bring clients on-board, we can offer you a revenue share.